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With the multitude of recent amendments to the Firearms Act. your Committee has seen fit to issue a set of protocols for all Members & Guests that visit the range for either practice or competition shooting. By following these protocols, we’re also conforming to the regulations of our Range Management and staff.

Please read the following:

  • Upon arrival, please ensure that your Firearms Licence, Sports Shooters Association of Australia (SSAA) & Combined Shooters Club Inc. Membership cards are displayed in the plastic pouch provided & worn around your neck. These need to be inspected by Range Security before they will grant access to the facility.
  • Please note that all firearms must remain in cases/bags until such time as you enter your shooting bay on range. If examination of a firearm is required outside of the firing range, it must be conducted in the allocated “Safe Area bench” provided by the Shooting Academy staff. 
    No loading of firearms is permitted in this area
  • Your NSW Firearms Licence & Sports Shooters Association of Australia (S.S.A.A.) Membership MUST be current. It is a legal requirement that anyone wishing to enter the range, need to have a current H Category Licence and/or AB Category Licence as well as current Sports Shooters of Australia membership (covers you for insurance), and for both these to be displayed at all times whilst on range.
  • Firearms Licences & SSAA Membership will be checked and if either has expired, you cannot enter the range.  If you have paid your SSAA renewal and have not yet received a new card, you can call SSAA membership office on 02 8805 3900 and request a letter stating your member ID and current expiry date. This letter will be accepted in electronic form (PDF).
    Without either a current SSAA membership card, or a letter from SSAA Membership office stating currency, range entry will not be possible.
  • When you enter the range, please introduce yourself to the Range Safety Officer (RSO), present your licence and SSAA cards to them for inspection of validity, whereby they can then allocate you a bay and give you the clearance to commence firing.  Once firearms are removed from bags/cases they must remain facing down range in a safe direction until ordered otherwise by the Range Safety Officer. Don’t rush your session, but please have consideration for other Members & Guests that may also be waiting to shoot.
  • Under no circumstances should any firearm be removed from the bay without the Range Safety Officer first giving the “Clear to Remove” command. Please ask the RSO to clear all firearms that you have taken into the bay even if you haven’t fired them. Upon completion of your session & once your firearm(s) have been cleared, please pack up & move off the range without delay to make way for waiting members.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your personal details/records are current and up to date on the Club Records (by law you have 14 days to notify the club secretary of any changes, and 7 days to notify the NSW Police Firearms Registry).

The Combined Shooters Club Inc. Committee would like to thank you for taking the time to read, understand & comply with the above protocols.


To download a PDF copy of these rules please click the document image here  –>