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Pistol target shooting and licensing

Rifle target shooting, hunting and licensing.

Historical firearms & weaponry collecting and collectors.

About Combined Shooters

Combined Shooters Club Inc. was established in 1964 by a group of like minded people who shared a passion for hunting & target shooting.

Operating at Auburn Shooting Academy with licensed Testing Officers available for category A & B target shooting and A & B hunting as well as category H target shooting. 

Our members are a diverse group of people and includes target pistol shooters through to longarm hunters.  Members are a full range of ages and experience levels and we welcome everyone and anyone to come down to the range and try out this exciting sport with our Try-Shooting programme.


Come Visit Us

You can try target shooting in a relaxed and friendly environment at our indoor range where you will be able to shoot real guns with real ammunition. It is great fun and it’s the safest way to try shooting.

No licence is required to try shooting and our instructors will take you through every step to ensure you understand how to safely handle and use the weapons. 

Thinking About Getting Your Gun License? 

Hunting & competition shooting are some of the fastest growing sports in Australia.   Obtaining your firearms license can be a confusing process though so a helpful guide has been added that will walk you through the process involved in applying for your NSW firearms license. 

There is also information regarding the various types of licenses available and the requirements needed to apply for them.  To learn more click below.