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3 Easy Steps

The journey to getting your gun license can sometimes be confusing so to help you get started with obtaining a gun club membership and becoming a fully licensed shooter we have added a simple guide below.  3 steps that make the process streamlined and clear up any confusion. 

Should you need help or advice with anything though we are available to help you through the process.  Simply call us or send an message to our email or through the contact form here.

Step One

Join an Approved Shooting Club

All persons wishing to obtain a firearms licence in NSW must have a genuine reason for obtaining the licence and must meet the NSW Firearms Registrys Participation Requirements relating to that genuine reason.

To satisfy the NSW Firearms Registry genuine reason policy all firearm owners are required to be members of an Approved Club. 

Combined Shooters Club is a gun club that can meet the requirements for genuine reasons.  You can download an application form for membership from the information & links page here.  

Step Two

Attend a Firearms Safety Course

After signing up to Combined Shooters Club you will need to complete a firearms safety course.  Speak with any of our club officers who will be happy to organise this with you. 

Step Three

Apply via Service NSW Account

Log in to or create a Service NSW account :
a. Once Logged in to Service NSW you will need to Link NSW Police to your Dashboard.
b. Select Apply for a New Firearms Licence (individual)
c. Complete the online forms and upload your proof of Membership and completed Safety Awareness Certificate.

If you are applying for multiple license categories then you are able to apply in the one application.


Category A

* Air rifles.
* Rimfire rifles (other than self-loading).
* Shotguns (other than pump action, lever action or self-loading).
* Shotgun/rimfire combinations.

Category B

* Muzzle-loading firearms (other than pistols).
* Centre-fire rifles (other than self-loading).
* Shotgun/centre-fire rifle combinations.
* Lever action shotguns with a magazine capacity of no more than 5 rounds.

Category H

* Pistols (including blank fire pistols and air pistols).


* * * Click headings to see detailed descriptions of each genuine reason as well as links to the NSW Police fact sheets. * * * 


A personal firearms licence is issued for 2 or 5 years.

2 year licence = $100
5 year licence = $200
Probationary Pistol Licence = $100 for one year
Provisional Pistol (Business/Employment) Licence = $250 for one year

Payment is made by credit card at the time of completing your online application.